.Lyme Time

This is SO excellent and so is the book (“Bugging Out,” Oct 9).

I can answer some of the confusion and skepticism. (I‘ve written about this elsewhere.) There are other admitted cases of the government exposing citizens to pathogens in the Bay Area. I have not yet seen anyone compare how Borrelia has moved into other ticks around the world, all in the Ixodes genera, including three new species infected in China, Ixodes ricinus in Europe, etc. As to their saying it’s always been here…. including in 5,000-year-old Oetzi in the Alps…. no it hasn’t. It can be very easily traced from creation to now.

Burgdorfer having Parkinson’s is interesting since a lot of it is misdiagnosed Lyme (as is Alzheimer’s, like with Kris Kristoffersen, MS, ALS, etc.).

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The EBRPD seems to know more than doctors, including that Lyme is sexually transmittable like its cousin, Syphilis. Most doctors have no idea. There isn’t supposed to be much here, but I sure know a lot of friends with it.

Those of us who have been around a long time remember when there was no Lyme and no ticks like what we see now, in the East, Midwest, California. When we’re gone, it will be easier to convince people that it’s always been here.


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Firearms Furor

I couldn’t disagree more with Ms. Gauthier (“Hero & Zero,” Oct. 2). If Big 5 has managed to sell guns without incident for this long, they should be in the “Heroes” category for being an ethical and responsible gun ownership resource. At a time when brick and mortar businesses are struggling, we should not be going after a store that has done nothing wrong and has provided many local teens with their first job. Ms. Gauthier and the other busybodies should find something else to be outraged over.

Phil Henry, Terra Linda Class of ’94.

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