.Recent storm damage totals estimated $13.3 million in Marin

by Molly Oleson

The hills may finally be green again, but Marin is paying a high price for the much-needed rain. According to an initial report from the county, an estimated $13,321,134 in damage from flooding, mudslides, winds, high tides and other storm damage since the Dec. 10-11 downpour has been sustained.

Compiled by the Marin County Department of Finance, Department of Public Works and the Marin County Sheriff-Coroner’s Office of Emergency Services, the estimate includes $9,324,134 in damage to public property and 3,997,000 in private damages to 34 homes, 11 businesses and two outbuildings.

Landslides on Highway 1, Tennessee Valley Road, Manzanita Road and Throckmorton Avenue ($4,640,000), levee damage in Novato and dune washout in Stinson Beach ($4,089,000), leaks and collapses in county-maintained buildings ($294,000), extra staffing during the storm ($191,422), and damage and debris-clearing ($108,712) comprised the public assistance damage estimate.

On Dec. 22, Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency to help pay for storm-related road damage in Marin and three other counties. County officials have worked on the initial damage estimate since a Dec. 16 proclamation of a state of emergency by the Marin County Board of Supervisors, and a review of the need for continuing the local emergency is scheduled for the Jan. 15 meeting of the Board of Supervisors.

Meanwhile, state and federal government reimbursements are pending, and some Marin residents may qualify for tax relief if they have sustained $10,000 or more worth of storm-related damage. More information at 415/473-7215.

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