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It is rather unsettling, to say the least, to read that a reporter is using his so-called credentials to ignore and make light of the Shelter in Place order (“Town and Country,” May 6). It means: Shelter. In. Place. It does not mean go to other small towns and wander around and spread whatever virus you might have. 

Would Mr. Howell like it if I came to his neighborhood with my brown bag lunch, walked around his house a few times and then sat on his lawn or at his curb and ate my lunch and breathed on his family? Please, stay in your own neighborhood. Shelter in your own place. Not in mine.

Julie Gargliano

West Marin

Vegans and Big Pharma

The author of this article (Open Mic, May 6) says “the root cause of Covid-19 is … eating meat.”

Don’t ever run an idiotic column like this again. The author is a self-described physicist who’s “in software.” He is an expert on absolutely nothing related to meat or Covid-19.

Don’t ever again insult our intelligence as readers—or as billions of people around the world who eat meat every single day and don’t die of Covid-19. 

Frankly, you used to be an “alternative newspaper“ that fought against established medicine and big institutions. Now you’re just regurgitating the same propaganda from Big Pharma and big medical/government institutions. You buy the BIG LIE of Covid’s grossly exaggerated death rates, hospitalization rates, infection rates, with no concern for your readers or the journalistic skepticism you always brag about.

What the hell happened to this publication?

Rex Allen 

San Rafael

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