.Burmatown’s Jennifer Fujitani

Every time I try to go to Burmatown, there’s a crazy wait. I never regret waiting; it’s that good. Read this interview with Jennifer Fujitani while in line with me.

What do you do?

I run a restaurant with my mom in Corte Madera. We started in 2014 and love what we do. Love building a legacy together.

Where do you live?


How long have you lived in Marin?

I’m a 33-years-young Chinese/Burmese/Japanese American, S.F. born. I lived in San Rafael as a kid, moved away, and now I’ve moved back to Marin from the city in 2022.

Where can we find you when you’re not at work?

Hanging out at the Sausalito Equator, Caledonia Street near Driver’s Market, Mill Valley Lumber Yard and pizza and natural wine at Watershed. Driving up to Sebastopol and Sonoma visiting new restaurants and wine bars. Peacock Gap and McGinnis Golf Range learning to golf.

If you had to convince someone how awesome Marin is, where would you take them?

Sunday Farmers’ Market, oysters along Tomales Bay, lunch at Saltwater in Inverness, music at Rocker Oysterfellers in Valley Ford, beer and pizza at The Junction by the fire pits, a glass of wine at Voyage Wines in San Anselmo.

What’s one thing Marin is missing?

Tapas. Seasonal, hype-local, farm-focused restaurants. Korean BBQ and more Asian food.

What’s one bit of advice you’d share with your fellow Marinites?

Let’s all be kind to one another and build each other up. We are so fortunate to be able to live in a beautiful part of the world. Remember to be grateful and that we are all human.

If you could invite anyone to a special dinner, who would they be?

I’d have my entire family (some have passed) to share one meal with—chaos, laughter, fighting, loving—I want it all!

What is some advice you wish you knew 20 years ago?

To live my life for myself and not what others and society expect of me—to not be scared to voice my opinions, even if it ruffles some feathers.

What is something that 20 years from now will seem cringeworthy?

TikTok trends.

Big question. What is one thing you’d do to change the world?

To eliminate hatred and instill empathy in everyone.

Keep up with Fujitani at @jfooo and @burmatown on Instagram.

Nish Nadaraja was on the founding team at Yelp, serves on the San Anselmo Arts Commission and attempts to play pickleball at Fairfax’s Cañon Club.


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