.Best Tostone Sandwich With Mango Limeade After Picking up a Jellyfish on Stinson Beach

You’ve been out to Stinson Beach—driven along the inimitable Hwy 1, past marshes, lounging seals and late morning fog. You’ve spent the day in sun and surf, watching the creamy waves cresting, and marveling at the myriad jellyfish that wash up to shore like uncovered oceanic gemstones. You’ve picked one up, not been stung, but found yourself in that excellent space between revulsion and satisfaction at the gelatinous texture. Dogs—perhaps your own—have frolicked around you. Children have dug elaborate sandcastles, undaunted by the mercurial tide. You’re hungry, and waiting just an hour north of you is the best tostone sandwich of your life. Sol Food, San Rafael waits for you with a Veggie Deluxe including avocado, melted jack cheese and a pique sauce that lights a fire in your blood. Pair with an iced Ponche—mango iced tea plus limeade—and prepare for a festival of taste. You’re welcome! www.solfoodrestaurant.com

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