.Best Cappuccino After White Egret Watching in the Bothin Marsh

Equator Coffees is a best for so many reasons, but my favorite reason to highlight is that this rocking, sustainably sourced coffee company is women-owned. In 1995, three badass and totally environmentally savvy women came up with the idea for a coffee company that’s improved people’s lives from farm to cup ever since. Twenty six years later, Equator Coffees is a hub in Mill Valley, and promises a steamed-to-velvet cappuccino that you can A) take with you on your drive out to the Bothin Marshes for some A-1 egret watching, or B) drink after said egret watching—just don’t forget your binoculars; an egret is a marvel to watch. Wherever you place your Equator Coffees’ coffee, it’s going to hit the spot, support women-owned business and further sustainable importing practices and mutually beneficial relationships between providers and purveyors. So as you sip, feel good about your choices. www.equatorcoffees.com

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