Letters: New Normal

During a recent Zoom gathering, my granddaughter Katie suddenly said, “I wish things would return to normal.” After the meeting I reflected on what was normal before the pandemic. $730 billion dollars allocated to defense, a big portion going to upgrading our nuclear arsenal. If anyone knows of a bomb that can be dropped to stop the virus, I don’t.

We have a program that has been drastically cut and Trump budget chief holds firm on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cuts amid the coronavirus outbreak. 

To me it’s obvious. Because of the cuts we were not prepared and as a result, we do not have  enough ventilators, masks or protective gear for our nurses and doctors who have to use  garbage bags for protection. What would our world be like if they all got the virus?

We fear words like social democracy, which supports the idea of “We the People” being the highest priority. Many believe, “We are the greatest country in the world, we are number one.”  We are number one; we have the highest amount of new cases and new deaths. Our priorities need to be reevaluated NOW. 

Elaine B. Holtz

Santa Rosa

Earth Day

Hey Will (Carruthers), nice job on the Earth Day story (“Environmentalism Goes Livestream,” April 22)! Exciting to see SunRise moving into leadership on climate action! We need you to push forward here in Sonoma County, the Bay Area and the world. Right there with you! 

Teri Shore, Greenbelt Alliance

Via bohemian.com

Small World

Hi there, I really enjoy reading This Modern World every week (above), but not when it’s been shrunk! It deserves to get back to its regular size. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Alexis Fajardo

Santa Rosa

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