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Like always, just when I think things cannot get any weirder (worse?) and I’m ready to jump ship, letters to the editor (May 13) make me want to live another day.

Thank you Mr. Allen for setting me straight on the eating of meat, the tragic downfall of the Bohemian and the Pacific Sun and most importantly: THE BIG LIE. I had no idea just how lame I am.

I also want to give a shout-out to the letter writer from West Marin; I have met the enemy and I can say with no uncertainty, Daedalus Howell it is not. Mr. Howell can meander about my neighborhood any dang time he wants. Mask, no mask, sober or …, just as long as he brings me lunch in a brown bag.

Thank you for giving me one more day.

David Dale

Sonoma Valley

Less Is More

Hear, hear (“Diet & Covid-19,” Open Mic, May 6). Other benefits of less meat eating are land preservation and methane reduction. Hopefully a lot of other things will change, too, like healthcare, labor rights and fossil fuel dependency.


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Art Critic

I am an art salesman. I have never seen such stuck-up, slimy folks as these art galleries, selling fu-fu art to jerks (“Ailing Arts,” April 29). Crap for outrageous prices. Only a fool would buy art here unless they were bathing in cash waiting to have their a– kissed … kissed to buy something. I have NO sympathy for these galleries. You want crap? For LOTS of money? Go to Marin.

Johnny Nevola

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