.Hero & Zero: Bird Rescue

Hero: Tam Valley homeowner Scott Snyder had a bird in hand. Or, more specifically, a bird with a wide wingspan in the midsection of his chimney. The feathered fellow had been stuck there for at least 24 hours. Snyder had contacted local animal rescue organizations, but none were able to remove the bird. Even a chimney company couldn’t help. At the suggestion of a neighbor, Snyder called the Southern Marin Fire Protection District. Who knew that our heroes, the same men and women who battled the deadly North Bay fires and respond first to our medical emergencies, would work to free a bird in distress? That’s exactly what they did. The firefighters climbed onto the steep roof, removed the smokestack and dropped a rope down to give the bird something to grip onto. The bird scaled up the rope until it had enough room to spread its wings and then it flew away. Kudos to Snyder for his perseverance and to the Southern Marin Fire Protection District for everything they do to save the lives of man and beast.

Nikki Silverstein
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