.Best Place to Live Long and Prosper

Nine times out of ten, I’d be willing to bet you read the title there and thought to yourself something along the lines of, “Huh, some place Star Trek-themed here in Marin?” You’d be close, but not exactly. We’re talking about the adventurous Trek Winery in Novato!

Let’s break it down real fast.

To live long, you need healthy things like good food and medicine. Well, Trek’s central location has them surrounded by plenty of great restaurants, and it’s long been said that laughter is itself the best medicine, so the live comedy shows that Trek puts on cover that.

As for prosperity, there’s no better vision of prosperity than a happy person, encircled by friends, with a cup of wine in one hand and the other giving a thumbs-up to a live musician, both of which Trek kind of specializes in supplying.

Do yourself a favor and check out Trek at 1026 Machin Ave., Novato, or online at trekwines.com.


  1. Great place friendly staff award winning wines. They just opened Pods Brews 50 available taps with guest beers and artisan non alcoholic sodas

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