.Evan Davis

Aug 3, 2022

Best Place for Some Summer Shade

While you're out and about looking for somewhere to endure the next inevitable heatwave this summer, consider making Old Mill Park in Mill Valley...

Best Place to Become One with The Force

Conventional wisdom tells us not to meet our heroes, as they'll often fail to meet the standard set by our expectations. So, if you're...
Aug 3, 2022

Best Place to Get Rollin’

Every place in the country has its “thing,” that cultural contribution for which it gets to be known. New Orleans has the origination of...
Aug 3, 2022

Best Place to Live Long and Prosper

Nine times out of ten, I'd be willing to bet you read the title there and thought to yourself something along the lines of,...
Jun 9, 2021

Making Community: Camp Compassion’s resident artists

An encampment of unsheltered persons in Lee Gerner Park in West Novato, the colloquially named Camp Compassion has come to prominence in the same...