.Best Place to Become One with The Force

Conventional wisdom tells us not to meet our heroes, as they’ll often fail to meet the standard set by our expectations. So, if you’re a sensible adult who grew up admiring the peerless insight of Jedi master Yoda and the intrepid daring of Indiana Jones, you’re very much in luck.

Imagination Park in San Anselmo, right around the corner from town hall, is home to two bronze statues of the pair of praiseworthy paragons. They won’t get your name wrong, have a poor sense of humor or turn out to have an annoying laugh. It’s the perfect meet-and-greet!

Mostly, if you have a creative spirit in need of nourishing, it’s a fine place to meditate on the idea that George Lucas conceived both characters in the same little town where you now stand. Maybe one day you can have your own bronze statues dedicated to awesome brain children you created!


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