.Best Place to Get Rollin’

Every place in the country has its “thing,” that cultural contribution for which it gets to be known. New Orleans has the origination of jazz music, for instance, and Philadelphia can parade around Rocky Balboa as their mascot. 

For Marin County, the thing that puts it on the map for the world at large is being the birthplace of mountain biking, and there’s nowhere better to lean into that fact than the Marin Museum of Bicycling and Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in Fairfax.

Don’t worry about not being able to find the place. If you miss the wrap-around Hall of Fame sign out front and the menagerie of bicycles on its rooftop, there’s a magnificently gigantic statue of a mountain bike on the corner.

Immerse yourself in local history, learn something new, and if you don’t already, get out there yourself and get rolling!



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