Letters to the Editor

Sept. 19-25, 2018

Burning Issues

Millions of energetic and inspired people from all over the world have begun demonstrating and protesting for the end to global warming and the pollution of our planet. These are spontaneous and totally authentic protests by intelligent, well-informed and dedicated people, and represent the will of the whole human race to end the destruction of our beautiful planet from the reckless and irresponsible use of fossil fuels.

There can no longer be any excuse for those who continue to deny the reality of global warming and its causes. The increasing rise of the world’s temperatures, the frightening outbreaks of devastating wildfires all over the world and the increasing force and outbreaks of hurricanes all make it crystal clear that ending global warming is an absolute necessity for humanity to survive.

Although the world shouldn’t have waited this long to begin this fight for our continued existence, it is a pure joy to see the human race finally waking up and saying yes to life, yes to ourselves and yes to our beautiful home, this Earth!

Rama Kumar


Dog Abuse

I live on the streets since an unexpected medical condition left me unable to drive. The car I lived in was wrecked, and I lost my delivery job. I still work, and I can tell you that being homeless is not the easy life it’s cracked up to be. Many of us seek solace and/or need companionship, and so many unconscionable street people own or bring their dogs along for the journey. This is wrong. Dead wrong. Just what is going on in their heads I cannot say, but really, how and why is this legal? San Rafael Mayor Gary Phillips gave a typical politician’s half-assed, non-answer when I asked him why it’s allowed. Something about human rights. Yeah, considering we cannot legally sleep in parks during the day, I don’t buy that. Please support some legislation to stop this wicked, insidious example of legal animal abuse.

Tony Good

San Rafael

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