.Two takeaways from these trying times

Sometimes it’s not easy to learn.     

I have been a refrigeration technician for 50 years. I had my own business servicing restaurants for 33 years. Learning was a constant. Not only the technical aspects of my trade, but the skills of being a business person. Learning by doing things correctly, looking at that in perspective to make improvements is easy. Making mistakes from not having thorough knowledge or not paying 100 percent attention in the moment is very painful. However, one learns from those mistakes.     

Now, here on the Earth, in this moment, pain, suffering, despair, sadness and grief are a part of almost everyone. This is not the event anyone would want to have as a learning experience, yet it is. Many facets of life, such as how people live their lives, are impacted. Changes after this disaster will happen.

Two important revelations and hopes for change as a result of these times that I have are as follows:

1. The United States of America is not united at all. The disarray, division and polarity are clogging the operation of the system. The United States of America was formed to be a country of the people, by the people, for the people. Now it is a country of the corporation, by the corporation, for the corporation. The people need to take our government back. Get unity as a way of operating the government in the people’s interest.       

2. Unity worldwide is vital for the survival of humanity. Climate change is not a catchy phrase. Climate change, hunger and disparity in wealth are the premier battles confronting every human. ONE EARTH … ONE PEOPLE. The path to peace on all the Earth is paved with free medical from birth to death and free education from nursery school through vocational school or college, for every human being.

May peace in good health be with you, your family and all your friends.

Happy Olives,

Don Landis

Don Landis lives in Sonoma County and is known as “The Olive Guy” on his site, donsolives.com.
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