Letters to the Editor

Sept. 12-18, 2018

The search for Dingus goes on.

Dog Eat Dog

Coyotes are just being coyotes (Heroes & Zeroes, Sept. 5), but when little Fluffy or Tingles the cat goes missing, you know they weren’t kidnapped; they became lunch for our neighbors, the coyotes. Then there’s the cost of owning a pet these days. I think having my first child was cheaper than some of the vet bills I’ve heard of. So I see the concerns of the owners, but I also understand nature. I wonder how they deal with this problem in Third World countries?

Still Rockin’

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Is Dingus Among Us?

I am matching that $500 (“Where’s Dingus,” Sept. 5), bringing the reward for Dingus to $1,000. Please help us get our boy home.

Sirena Freeman

Via Pacificsun.com

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