.Tag …You’re It—Playing Games in Congress

Remember playing this childhood game with friends? 

A small group of boys and girls would get together and designate one person as IT—and then scatter to see how long they could avoid being tagged—but once caught it would be their turn to be IT.  As a child, there was much joy and laughter involved in the activity. It was also a game that was discarded for more interesting challenges.

The boys and girls from both sides of the aisles in Congress seem to have rekindled the flames of this game … calling out the opposition party, as well as specific members on each side … to be IT.  It has become an underlying tactic of calling out and attacking when disagreements occur in seeking solutions to critical questions that face our nation.

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

This continued childish behavior, by “adults,” has resulted in yet another supply chain issue—not from lack of goods or employment—but of goodwill and compromise. It has created a stagnation and build-up of toxins that continues to erode the foundations of trust in our basic institutions of governance and towards each other. It is trickling down and poisoning the psychic soils of both our urban and rural populations. The result will be a bitter harvest of anger and blame—everyone will be IT.  If we cannot learn that we all must sacrifice, then this game is really over and the clock—truly—has run out!

Maybe, those “enlightened leaders” we have elected to serve at the will of the people should end this game now. After all, even the children knew when the game was over and it was time to move on.

Perhaps we can suggest to those “so-called statesmen and women,” another game—one that might be more challenging, for their young minds, based on common sense and logic—and not emotion—to solve the crimes that are being committed against the nation. Hey boys and girls …  how about a fun game of Clue?

E.G. Singer lives in Santa Rosa.
music in the park san jose
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