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Become a hero by downloading PulsePoint, a life-saving app now available in Marin. If a cardiac emergency occurs in a public place, the app contacts nearby CPR-trained people who can perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation until first responders arrive.

PulsePoint saved Al Hart’s life last June. The Fairfax man collapsed on a run in Pleasanton. A friend flagged down a motorist, who called 911 and started CPR. The emergency call automatically activated PulsePoint, which alerted CPR-trained people near Hart’s location.

First, two brothers driving by stopped and took over CPR. A few minutes later, lifeguards from a nearby pool arrived with a defibrillator. Paramedics then reached the scene and continued life support while transporting Hart to a local hospital.

Hart fully recovered, thanks to the PulsePoint alert.

The free PulsePoint app, available on the App Store and Google Play, is fully endorsed and paid for by the Marin County Fire Chiefs Association. Download it today.


Manicurists were conversing with each other in Vietnamese, their native tongue, at a nail salon in Mill Valley last Saturday. A customer was less than thrilled with their discussion.

“I don’t like you speaking in your own language,” she said.

She said they should speak English; she was concerned they were speaking about her. (All this occurred while one of the employees was scrubbing her feet.)

Hey, racist lady, they probably were talking about you. Or maybe they’re simply more comfortable speaking in their first language.

Another patron, perturbed by the situation, spoke up.

“That’s offensive,” she said.

The intolerant woman reiterated she feared they were talking about her.

“In that case, you must be very insecure,” said the other customer.

Yes, indeed. An insecure bigot. We hope in the future she skips the salon and gives herself a pedicure while speaking English.

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