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Sept. 5-11, 2018

Racists Are Sick

According to Psychology Today, racism and xenophobia of any kind is a symptom of psychological ill health. People with a stable sense of self and strong inner security are not racist, because they have no need to strengthen their sense of self through group identity. Older adults, however, have a tendency to be more prejudiced than their younger counterparts. This is due to the fact that older people grew up in less egalitarian times. There is evidence that normal changes to the brain in late adulthood can lead to greater prejudice. They are more likely than younger adults to rely on stereotypes, and they have more difficulty than younger adults suppressing their stereotypical thoughts. They are also more likely to be socially insensitive in a variety of ways. All of these effects only emerge among older adults who show signs of poor frontal lobe functioning. The U.S. Census Bureau says that 85.6 percent of Marin County is white, and the majority of those are 65 years and older. Hopefully, that majority embraces diversity and inclusion. If not, race relations will automatically improve with the passage of time.

Dennis Kostecki

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Keep Kavanaugh Out

We are fighting to maintain the integrity of our democracy, which is being undermined by the most effective weapon a hostile country has ever employed: Donald Trump. It is the responsibility of every patriotic citizen to fight for our democracy and the Constitution. Those supporting Trump and his policies are placing their own greed and self-interests far above the good of the nation and our communities. While money buys and directs the majority of Congress, the manipulation of our judicial system by Russian influence and Trump will crumble the final pillar of the foundation of our democratic process. We must prevent any further ruination of our democracy and abuse of presidential power by keeping Kavanaugh off the U.S. Supreme Court. His appointment will directly affect our communities with the undermining of environmental acts that protect our drinking water, our treasured parks and open spaces, healthcare, social security and anything else the money machines desire to fuel their unpatriotic greed. We can stop all of this by demanding our representatives be accountable to citizens and stop the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh.

Aaron Brinkerhoff





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