.Your Letters, Week of 5/31

Underreported Uranium

One brief observation in relation to my Open Mic one week ago (“Disaster Looms,” May 24): My friends and I have noticed a complete blackout of this news on mainstream (corporate) media—the Russian bombing of military targets that blew up warehouses in W Nuke-rain (pardon the dark humor), causing “depleted” uranium weapons to scatter radioactive dust in the local area.

I do not understand why this momentous event would be censored in the U.S. press.

Kudos to the Bohemian and Pacific Sun for promptly publishing this important story as soon as it came to your attention.

Barry Barnett

Santa Rosa

Ugly American

Makes you ask questions…Glen Kuiper gets fired and Donald Trump gets laughter and ratings?

In Europe recently, when I told somebody I was American, people either laughed hard in my face or expressed their deepest sympathies. What they didn’t do was show even a lame amount of respect. What the heck?

Craig J. Corsini

San Rafael


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