.Hero and Zero

Gallant gentlemen and a quacking chiropractor


by Nikki Silverstein

HERO: Yvonne Kerby-Miller, 82, of Greenbrae, finished shopping at Montecito Plaza in San Rafael, loaded her purchases on the passenger seat and closed the car door. “Tweet, tweet,” cried the car key, meaning the doors were locked. Unfortunately, the key was inside the car and Yvonne wasn’t. She became frazzled when she realized that she was locked out of her car on a cold evening and had left her cellphone at home. Gadget Pro was still open and Yvonne went in to ask for assistance. The owner, Joe Nguyen, and his son Tin, invited her to sit down in the warm store, called AAA for her and waited with her until the car was unlocked. Thank you, Joe and Tin, for your kindness and concern.

ZERO: Chiropractor Don Harte of Corte Madera wrote to the Pacific Sun (Letters, Feb. 12, 2015) making many moronic statements, including that the measles is trivial and the “pro-vaccination crowd are unscientific cultists.” Yes, an otherwise healthy child typically recovers just fine from the measles. However, if the infected child spreads the virus to an infant or a person unable to be vaccinated due to an immunocompromised system, the outcome could be tragic. Responsible parents that vaccinate their children aren’t cult members; rather they understand basic science and the sanctity of life, unlike Harte, who says children are better protected by having regular chiropractic care. Harte, go quack about something that could actually help people, like gun control or ending racism.

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