For many months I’ve wondered about the inclusion of astrology in the Pacific Sun. What? You could be having a column on Zoroastrianism, for all the ways there are of coping with life on Earth. Or a humor column. That would be great! We need one now more than ever. Whatever happened to Stan Sinberg? In all the column-inches that you devote to the pseudo-knowledge of astrology, you could be putting out real facts about the real happenings of the day. Oh!? It’s entertainment? Excuuuuse me!

Tenney Ford

San Rafael


Friends, let us talk about herd immunity. Covid-19 is ugly. It is a virus. It will make a large number of us sick. It will kill some of us. Those who don’t die will most likely develop some sort of immunity. This disease will steal lives. But here’s what it can’t do; it can’t steal souls. It is another disease altogether that is doing that.

I ask you, what kind of disease makes men chase a young jogger, or go into a person’s house and shoot them then say “Oops, wrong address?” What God-Forsaken disease makes a man so sick that he believes, forgive me for saying this, that he can taunt a man in handcuffs as he kneels on his neck? What kind of disease is this that takes the soul of one man and then the body of another? 

I ask you as Americans, how many have to die before we declare this a state of emergency and quarantine those infected? How long until we have gotten sick enough of racism that we develop a herd immunity?

I fear, my friends, that we are a long way off. And for this more than anything, I am incredibly sorry.

Jolene Cox

San Rafael

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