.Hover Gate

Dear Ms. Silverstein,

With respect, I think this column blew it (Heroes & Zeros, Nov. 13). Women who hover frequently do pee all over a toilet seat and seem not to clean up after themselves.

I’ve used gendered bathrooms and run across this problem frequently and in multiple states. And it’s not just men who are pigs—piggy women are worse.

I guess reasonable minds may differ.


Helen Hamilton

Mill Valley

One more problem to add to the list. Urinals (with water flush) use less than one gallon. Many urinals now are waterless. Now each pee uses a flush with just a water closet in the bathroom. Water consumption use increases substantially.

Michael Burkell

Mill Valley

Just a Bill

Dear Editor,

Please check your PG&E bill for October if you live in an area in which the power was off. My power went off on Oct. 24th and power was restored around noon on October 30th. I had no power on Oct. 25; yet I was charged for using about 15kWh (almost twice my daily average). I had no power on Oct 26; yet, I was charged for using about 8kWh. I checked with my neighbors, and they, too, were charged when the electricity was off. Regarding the outage for Oct. 8 to Oct. 11, we were all charged for using electricity for all four days. I went to PG&E the next day and talked to one of the clerks. She checked her “Go” computer and it clearly showed that I had been billed for usage when the power was off. At my request, the supervisor for Northern California phoned and confirmed I should not have been charged for the four days when the power was off. He said he would have billing adjust my bill. I said, “What about my neighbors?” He said he would let billing know that it was likely a glitch for Rincon Valley. My son, who lives in Eldorado Hills, was also charged for days when his power was off.

John Lynch,

Santa Rosa

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