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Hawks and deadbeats



Right now is prime raptor watch time in the Marin Headlands, specifically on Hawk Hill. On a clear autumn day, scores of volunteers from the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory count hundreds of birds of prey, some migrating from as far away as Alaska on their way to Central Mexico. The count, which ranges from 20,000 to 40,000 raptors annually, helps look for trends and patterns in their populations over time. Since these birds are at the apex of the food chain, their numbers can indicate the health of their ecosystem. Last year, 19 species were observed, including hawks, kites, osprey, eagles, falcons, vultures and harriers. Get over to Hawk Hill to experience this wonder of nature in your own backyard. The best migration viewing takes place from now through November, on fog-free days, between 10am and 2pm. Bring your binoculars, field guides and layers of clothing.


Who summons an Uber, attacks the driver and then steals the car? Apparently, a Beverly Hills real estate agent and his female friend after a drinking spree in downtown Sausalito. The Uber driver picked up Tyson Rocco Pelanconi, 53, and Brenda Carlier, 43, both from Southern California, to drive them from Sausalito to their San Francisco hotel. The crazy business began when Carlier purportedly assaulted the driver by pulling her hair and ears. Ouch. The poor Uber driver pulled over, grabbed her purse and fled. Swanky real estate man jumped into the driver’s seat and away the couple went. How much drinking makes you stupid enough to carjack your ride when Uber knows your destination, name, phone number and credit card info? The Marin County sheriff arrested the zeros at the W San Francisco hotel in the City. We hope the tourists enjoyed the hospitality of our county jail.

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