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1 If all the U.S. states were listed in alphabetical order, California would be in position number what?

2 What circular server is named for a lethargic woman?

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

3 What common cooking measurement is equal to 16 tablespoons?  

4 Give the recent names of these countries:

a.  Sri Lanka

b.  Myanmar

c.  Kingdom of eSwatini (changed in 2018, partially because people confused the old name with a European country)

5 What two plants primarily produce commercial table sugar?

6 Who was the first actress to command $20 million dollars to star in a film? And for what 2000 movie was this?

7 What land animal was the primary meat product at the first Thanksgiving celebration, in 1621?

8 America’s oldest department store, established in 1826, is going out of business this year. What is it?

9 In 1984 and in 2007, female leaders of India and Pakistan were assassinated. Who were these women?

10 Between noon and midnight, how many times do the hands of a clock form a right angle?  


Identify these iconic automobiles. The years are given.

a.  1927                   b.  1957            c.  1982          


1.  Fifth, after Alabama, Alaska, Arizona and Arkansas.

2.  Lazy Susan

3.  One Cup

4a. Ceylon

4b. Burma

4c. Swaziland

5.  Sugar cane / Sugar beets

6.  Julia Roberts / Erin Brockovich

7.  Deer, venison meat

8.  Lord and Taylor

9.  1984 – Indira Gandhi / 2007 – Benazir Bhutto

10.  22 times


a.  1927 Ford Model T                  b. 1957 Cadillac Eldorado           c.  1982 Delorian (featured in Back to the Future)

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