.Letter: ‘I have been turned away not once, but twice …’

So much for ‘love it or leave it’…

I’d like to nominate the Ritter Center clinic for this week’s Zero submission. Because I have private medical insurance, but no residence at this time (long story), I have been turned away not once, but twice. First, I was not allowed to renew my driver’s license, now I cannot obtain a free TB test so I can have some shelter at the REST program rather than sleeping outside. I cannot obtain a primary care doctor because I have no credit card nor checking account, and they all require a card on file. Thank Bush and Obama for enacting and strengthening the Patriot Act, which does not allow citizens without a residence to get any sort of banking account. Much as I love the Bay Area and my job here, I can’t wait to get off probation so I may legally renounce my U.S. citizenship and move elsewhere.

Name withheld by request, San Rafael

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music in the park san jose
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  1. William Thompson senior researcher at the CDC admitted August 27, 2014 he committed fraud for over ten years. The end results is 340 percent in crease in autism. So, much for scientific research.


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