.Best CBD Sleep Gummies by Green Unicorn Farms

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Bay Area CBD brand, Green Unicorn Farms has come a long way since they first launched onto the CBD market in late 2019. With a newly expanded product line and larger variety of therapeutic ingredients, Green Unicorn Farms wants to empower consumers by helping them find the right CBD for their needs.

In 2021 they snagged their first “Best of Marin” award in the category of “Best Cannabis Label”. This year they repeated the success and won Best of Marin in multiple categories including “Best Hemp CBD Product” and “Best Edibles”, much thanks to their CBD sleep gummies that help promote a deep, restorative and restful sleep using only vegan ingredients.

Earlier this year Green Unicorn Farms was featured in LA Weekly as the best CBD specific sleep gummies of 2022, outperforming some of the biggest brands on the market.

Better CBD products based on customer feedback

It’s safe to say that Green Unicorn is making quite a splash on the CBD scene so we asked co-founder, Robert Hising, what he attributes their success in the CBD sleep category to. His answer, “We focus on selling our products direct-to-customer (DTC) via our website instead of relying too heavily on wholesaling to retail stores. By owning the relationship with our customers, we are able to get direct, real-world feedback from the market. We listen closely to our customers and let them get involved in the development of new products.”

Robert continues to say, “The direct-to-consumer model allows us to maintain high quality and standards while keeping costs low in ways that traditional and larger brands just aren’t able to. That’s how we can make clean, safe, reliable, and effective products that are affordable and accessible for everyone.”

More than just CBD

In their quest to provide the most effective products on the market, Green Unicorn Farms are also venturing into the world of medicinal mushrooms and are creating special terpene blends to enhance specific symptom-relief, tailored to their customers needs. Each unique formula pairs the powers of traditional medicine with modern science to help people feel more balanced, happy, and symptom-free.And with today’s busy and stressful lifestyle, Green Unicorn Farms’ goal is to make your CBD shopping experience as effortless as possible. Simply choose the effects you want from your CBD (sleep, balance, energy), and then choose your preferred delivery method (gummies, tinctures, flowers or creams). All products are shipped straight to your door using USPS. It’s that easy!

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