.Hero and Zero: Fire danger and wanted hiker

by Nikki Silverstein

HERO: The drought isn’t just causing us to take military showers, it also presents Marin with an all-time high fire danger. “With these conditions, early detection of fires is even more important,” said Mark Brown, deputy chief of the Marin County Fire Department. PG&E came to the rescue by providing funding for the six fire-detection cameras that were recently installed on four critical Marin peaks. With the cameras, the Emergency Command Center in Woodacre constantly monitors the smoke and fire danger from Mt. Tam, Mt. Barnabe, Big Rock Ridge and Point Reyes Hill. The public is invited to watch an abbreviated version of what the dispatchers see. Check it out at marincounty.org.

ZERO: Three hikers went out on Mt. Tam together last Monday afternoon, lost their way in the dark and became separated. Two hikers returned and sounded the alarm at 1:45am on Tuesday. The cavalry responded to search for missing hiker, Jennifer Bair, 23. The Marin County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Unit, the Stinson Beach Fire Dept. and Mt. Tam rangers spent hours looking for her. Finally, at around 11am, a ranger spotted her near the Parkside Café in Stinson. A tweet from the Marin County Sheriff’s Office wrapped up the case: “After discovering that the lost female hiker wasn’t so much lost as avoiding law enforcement knowing she was wanted, deputies arrested her.” Bair should reimburse Marin taxpayers for the expense of her hide-and-seek game.

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