.Hero & Zero: Damsel rescue & a rocket incident

By Nikki Silverstein

Hero: We try not to use the term “damsel in distress,” but can’t avoid it when describing Lily’s precarious position. She was traveling from her home in Novato to a doctor’s appointment in Mill Valley and made it to the Tiburon Boulevard exit. There, in the middle of the ramp, Lily’s car went kaput. Surrounded by vehicles to the left and right and a line of traffic behind, she panicked when she couldn’t locate the emergency blinkers. Though AAA was on the way, she got out of her car and stood behind it to wave traffic around. (Wince.) Luckily for Lily, a large truck pulled up, the driver pushed her car to safety and drove away. Thanks to an anonymous Hero, our damsel was out of danger.

Zero: A model rocket set ablaze at least five acres and endangered several homes in the quiet village of Lagunitas last Friday. The fire, which spread from west to east in a narrow path, stretched about a half-mile from the yard of Lagunitas School toward Nicasio Valley Road and the San Geronimo Golf Course. Joe Thibodeau, of Forest Knolls, is mortified that someone jeopardized the community by setting off a rocket over a grassy, drought-stricken area. Three fixed-wing aircraft, a helicopter and 70 personnel fought the flames, including 34 inmates overseen by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. Whoever caused the devastation that put our fine firefighters in the path of danger should be held accountable for their irresponsibility and sheer stupidity.

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