.Your Letters (and occasional poem), 4/10

TikTok Clock

Watch TikTok every day

for the dystopian novel unwinding each day.

Launch a rocket whenever they may

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

with no utopian model for living today.

Can only grovel at political hey,

being played out in reality, a radical dismay.

Full throttle play, my books must publish right away.

False prophecy can change for One true way.

Tropical storm coming fast, but no One voice, is allowed to say.

A frightening story, nobody can tell,

unbelievable, demon haunted, go to your hell.

It’s under way, in the outer limits, and Aliens aren’t near us,

just greedy humans trying to sell.

Robots, gadgets, sentimental dumbed down bigots,

making money flowing out spigots.

When it comes to fanatical news, it’s all I got,

spin it, verify it, truth or lie, it’s up to me, if I TikTok.

Edward Campagnola


Vote Choke

A sitting federal judge on Thursday harshly criticized Donald Trump’s attacks on the judge overseeing the former president’s criminal case, saying that such statements threaten the viability of the American legal system.

And yet, minority voters, particularly males, continue to support the former president. Do they think things will improve if this charlatan gets back into office?

Gary Sciford

Santa Rosa


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music in the park san jose
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