.Hero & Zero: Getting Dirty & Multiple Burglaries

Hero: Want to be a hero while you breathe fresh air and get some exercise? Help the Richardson Bay Audubon Center enhance Aramburu Island. Not long ago, this 17-acre island in Richardson Bay was a bay dredge dumpsite, but with the continuing hard work and dedication of the Audubon Center, it’s transforming into a shorebird and wildlife habitat. Prepare to get dirty as you plant native species, remove invasive species and operate irrigation systems. Or maybe you’ll get a citizen scientist assignment to monitor the flying and land-bound critters living on the island. The fun happens on Saturday, February 17, from 9am to 1pm. Kids 12+ are welcome with an adult. RSVP required, due to limited boat capacity. Contact Joseph Negreann at [email protected] or 415/388-2524.

Zero: The Canal District is experiencing a rash of burglaries targeting the immigrant community. “Everyone in our community is afraid because of the speculations that circulate about possible ICE raids. When people are afraid, criminals take advantage of them,” tweeted Omar Carrera, executive director of the Canal Alliance. Though there were eight reported burglaries in the last month, there is concern that not all victims are calling the police, due to fear that the department is working with ICE. Not true. Regardless of immigration status, the San Rafael police are there to help. “We’re everyone’s police department,” said San Rafael Chief of Police Diana Bishop. Thieves are entering through open doors and windows and they’re looking for cash. Lock up and contact the police with any information about these crimes.

Nikki Silverstein
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