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I believe it’s Bel Marin Keys (“Cruiser Control,” June 26, 2019). I don’t know of any Bel Mar Keys in Marin. Auto-correct is a terrible tool in journalism. Nice article.

Fred Fendler

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Good Idea!

Thanks for this news article (“In Us We Trust,” June 26, 2019). I didn’t know California was considering a public-banking law. Good idea! I’ll be writing to Sen. McGuire in support of it.

Leslie 2

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Cannabis can deal with the pain shingles causes (“Nerve Agent,” June 26, 2019), but the use of L-lysine can prevent flare-ups from even happening by shutting down the ability of the shingles virus to replicate.

Michael Clark

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The Horrors

It is unfathomable to me that there are those who have lost so much compassion and empathy for their fellow human beings that they legitimize child detention centers and the horrors within on purely political partisanship.

“I screamed at God for the oppressed and incarcerated child

until I saw the oppressed and incarcerated child was God

screaming at me.” —Author Unknown

Dennis Kostecki


In the United States detention means you have to stay after school in the principal’s office for chewing gum in class. It does not mean little kids are now automatically relegated to the lowest caste of untouchables where you will likely remain imprisoned in filth, hunger, and distress as your family goes crazy with fear, until you die or are saved by Democrats.

Marilyn King


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  1. Dennis: I know that you’re vain enough to monitor responses to your drivel from years ago. You suck—-and I mean Hoover style suck from your time on casting couches until your time currently in retirement. You always did suck, just now in a more wrinkly manner. You have brought shame upon your ‘family’ and so I would suggest that you stop until you are dead. Your various letters are grammatically incorrect (never went to college now did you), rambling, and impotent.

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