.Letters to the Editor: River Woes, Senior Dogs and Defending the DA


I was surprised to find out that the Petaluma River has been listed as “impaired” by excessive levels of bacteria since 1975 (“Cleaning Up,” June 23). Why then, have there not been public warnings posted in public use areas?

We have been encouraged to use the Petaluma River recreationally by the Friends of the River, several paddle board companies in town, boarding and kayaking development planning in downtown; and yet the entire time Sonoma County Health Officers and Petaluma City Council did nothing to alert families that they and their children were being exposed to potential health concerns. 

That is negligence, and is unforgivable in this day and age of knowledge. Shame on you, Petaluma City Council.

Kerstin Bandner, Petaluma

Fostering Love

Thank you for the article “Finding Love” (June 23). I greatly appreciate you bringing attention to the importance of rescuing and adopting shelter animals and also recognizing the amazing work that the foster volunteers do.

My favorite part of the article was the paragraph highlighting Muttville CEO Sherri Franklin’s work and efforts in rescuing senior dogs. I adopted a senior hospice dog from Muttville a few years ago and I can attest that there is no love quite as precious as the love that a senior rescue dog will give you.

Rose Brennan, Healdsburg

In Defense

As the first official executive director of the Family Justice Center Sonoma County, I had the pleasure of working under the leadership of District Attorney Jill Ravitch from 2013–2019.

During those years, Ravitch and I worked hand in hand with a committed group of community-based organizations, ensuring victims of family and interpersonal violence received the most comprehensive wrap-around services possible. 

So imagine my shock when I heard there was an effort to recall her just one year before her term ends and after she announced she would not run again. My shock turned into disgust when I found out one wealthy and vindictive developer, who she held to account for endangering the lives of seniors in his care during the Tubbs fire, was behind this entire recall effort. 

Jill is a focused, compassionate and goal-driven leader who always holds the best interests of victims at the fore. She should serve out the rest of her term and retire as the dedicated public servant she is.

Wes Winter, Palm Springs, CA

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