Letters to the Editor: Peace and Water

Water Wise

I’m not an engineer or a water expert and I was lucky to be a C+ student, but with our water situation today, in the past and future, some common sense kicked in! 

What about a desalination plant at the mouth of the Petaluma River? After all, it is an estuary. Or maybe even build a plant on a barge that could move up and down the river. A pipeline could run from the river to Atherton Avenue on to San Marin Drive to Novato Boulevard and end up at the Stafford Dam. The drought is an obvious major concern with glaciers and polar caps melting causing sea levels to rise.

Now is the time for desalination. An oil pipeline from Texas to the Eastern seaboard is 5,500 miles long! This proposed pipeline could be between 30-40 miles long using monies from California’s current massive bankroll! Let’s stop wasting time. I know there are drawbacks from desalination, but what other options do we have?

And please remember: It’s not the oil, it’s the water that is the giver of life!

John Christopher Baseheart, Novato

Peace Talks

This June 16th, President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet each other in Geneva, Switzerland for talks on Russian-U.S. relations.

The world community must speak out with the strongest, most unified voice to insist that these world leaders finally make nuclear disarmament and the survival of humanity their sole focus.

The continuous possibility of a nuclear holocaust between our two nations has created untold and incalcuable hell for humanity. And no lasting progress in solving global warming, increasing poverty and hunger, and the increase in terrorism all over the world can be made until the United States and Russia finally agree to become world partners instead of eternal enemies.

Rama Kumar, Fairfax

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