.The Savior cometh and Comcast does it again

by Nikki Silverstein

HERO: Even the agnostic among us should believe that State Assemblymember Marc Levine is the coming of the Savior to Marin. (First or second coming, your choice). Last Tuesday, the San Rafael Democrat introduced urgency legislation (Assembly Bill 157) to speed up restoration of the third lane on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. AB 157 will require project design to get underway while the project is going through an environmental review, which could speed up the process by as much as 18 months. “The Richmond-San Rafael Bridge is one of the worst bottlenecks in the North Bay evening commute,” Levine said. “This bridge was built and designed almost 60 years ago to have three lanes in each direction.” Make it happen and Marinites will worship you every night on their way home.

ZERO: After Comcast Zero ran last week, readers inundated us with Comcast tales, some so twisted that Kafka and Heller would have been jealous they didn’t think up the plots. Then, there are stupid stories pointing to Comcast’s incompetence or its corporate philosophy of not giving a hoot. For example, Comcast’s customer service office on Andersen in San Rafael closed at the end of last year. Phone reps were clueless and even the website listed the Andersen address. Eventually, a note was placed on the old office door, which directed customers to the Northgate Mall. Wrong. The new service center is actually located in a strip center down the street from the mall, at 172 Northgate One Center. Bring a book. It’s packed in there.

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