.Hero & Zero: Changing signs & Tiburon crimes

By Nikki Silverstein

Hero: Joyful jesters changed the Tam Valley landscape last week and garnered guffaws from the locals by altering (impermanently) the sign on Highway 1, just west of the freeway. Instead of the usual greeting1628Hero Welcome to Tamalpais Valley, delighted passersby beheld the more befitting message Welcome to Traffic Jam Valley. Hats off to Fabrice Florin, Howard Rheingold, Are We Really and the rest of the gang for the fun.

Zero: Tiburon, recently ranked among the top three safest places to live in California, still has some desperados at work. Take the car full of women that idled at the entrance to Blackie’s Pasture. The Audi convertible sported Maryland plates and was in front of the sign that indicated no vehicles beyond that point. Folks exiting the multi-use path informed the driver that she wasn’t allowed to go further. She replied that they were just watching the sunset. Baloney. A Fiat zoomed by and headed up the path. The Audi followed. Fast. Soon two police cars sped by and caught up with them. Witnesses told the cops that the women knew better, but Tiburon’s finest said the scofflaws played the ignorant tourists. Those zeros got off scot-free.

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