Thirty Years Ago This Week

Ferry commuters will have to find another way to dodge executive duties when cellular phones are installed in April on all three Larkspur ferries and the Sausalito ferry. Each of the four ferries will have one phone (which may be equipped with a computer jack for really ambitious execs) during an initial six-month test.

Feb. 17–23, 1989

Fifty Years Ago This Week

The Ross Town Council told some irate mothers to calm down and organize a mothers’ patrol if they are concerned about incidents of indecent exposure. One exposure incident this year, nine last year and six in the preceding three years don’t add up to a “state of fear,” the council concluded. The town might well add another policeman, but it certainly won’t hire two or three and louse up the budget, the mothers were told.

Feb. 21–28, 1969

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