.Marin Arts Thrive this Fall

As the scorching heat of August abates and the season of long and sunny days hits its own golden hour, the first signs of summer fade to fall and, quite suddenly, it’s autumn again.

All across Marin County, from the beach towns to the cities tucked up and around the golden hillsides in between, autumn is a time for art—a time to celebrate the creativity that connects Marin’s citizens to their artistic community.

This fall’s art preview is stacked high with all sorts of shindigs, events, dinners, movies and more. And though the days will inevitably grow shorter, that just leaves more time for filling those long nights by hitting the streets to see (or make) some local art.

And know that this list is far from comprehensive, as one would need an entire book to cover all of Marin’s autumnal artistic attractions. So, always be on the lookout for more fall events, arts and more in the season to come.

That said, it is time to announce Marin’s fall arts preview for 2023. Hold on to those seats, grab some popcorn and enjoy the end of summer in some artistic anticipation.

Mill Valley Film Festival

The Mill Valley Film Festival is perhaps the most well-known arts event coming to Marin this fall—and for good reason. This year’s festival will take place from Oct. 5 to 15 and promises 10 days of entertainment to mark 46 years of film appreciation. The lineup includes Lynn Hershman Leeson’s cyborg-created film and the world premiere of The 9 Lives of Barbara Dane, by local filmmaker Maureen Gosling. Visit mvff.com to stay up to date on the latest Mill Valley Film Festival news.

Bolinas Film Festival

The first-ever Bolinas Film Festival will offer three days of film festivities. From Sept. 21 to 24, movie lovers can flock to watch the final selections of local films, stories and more. Visit bolinasfilmfestival.com to learn more.

The Lark Theater

The Lark Theater offers an avenue to get those autumnal art cravings seen to, and this fall promises a whole lot more than movies. On top of reopening the Lark’s drive-in experience, which will begin Sept. 1 with Little Miss Sunshine, the Lark will show their first two Live from the Met HD broadcasts, premiered in real time from New York: Dead Man Walking and X: The Life & Times of Malcolm X. Check out the Lark’s website at larktheater.net for more information.

The Milley Arts Awards

Autumn is a perfect time to recognize the hard work of all the artists that make Marin so special. And the Milley Awards do just that, at least for those born, raised, schooled or otherwise a part of the Mill Valley community of artists. Learn more at milleyawards.org.

Sausalito Center for the Arts

The Sausalito Center for the Arts has lots of plans in store for this autumn, including the “Paint Sausalito: First Annual Plein Air Show and Paint Out” that runs until Sept. 10. The center will also host the “Finding the Form: Bay Area Sculpture” exhibition from Sept. 15 to Oct. 8, followed by “Milagros and Memories: Celebration of Dia de los Muertos” on Oct. 28, with the exhibition running from Oct. 13 to Nov. 5. Visit sausalitocenterforthearts.org for more information.

Gallery Route One

The Box Show at Gallery Route One is an art exhibition that serves to highlight the sheer creativity that can come from thinking in the box, so to speak. This show will run until Sept. 9. For more information, visit galleryrouteone.org.

Marin Shakespeare

Marin Shakespeare is seeing to it that Marin residents can take in all the best performances, written by the Bard himself. Their production of Twelfth Night only runs until Sept. 3, so catch it while it’s still going, and be sure to visit marinshakespeare.org for upcoming shows and more.

Marin Art and Garden Center

At the Marin Art and Garden Center, there’s no better time to get that nibble on than the autumnal edible garden experience. While this hidden garden displays landscape architecture, gardens and exhibitions all year round, its ingredients are best during harvest season. So, if handpicked cocktail garnishes along with views sound appealing, visit maringarden.org to learn more.

Sound Summit

This year’s Sound Summit will take place on Sept. 9 in Mount Tamalpais State Park. Music fans can come out to take in performances from Vinyl, Brokedown in Bakersfield, Kevin Morby, Sierra Ferrell and, to top it off, Lord Huron. Visit soundsummit.net for tickets and more.

142 Throckmorton

Art doesn’t always have to be so serious, and for those looking to alleviate a little bit of stress before autumn, look no further than 142 Throckmorton for music, comedy and more. Visit throckmortontheatre.org for more information.

Marin Museum of Contemporary Art

This fall, Marin MOCA has some real artistic treats for the Marin County community, starting with an “Artist Member Showcase of Marion Faymonville: Black River” in the second-floor gallery, which is running through Oct. 8. Art lovers can also look forward to the annual Fall Fundraiser exhibition, which will be shown in the main gallery from Sept. 9 to Oct. 8 and will help the museum celebrate 40 years of service. To learn more, visit marinmoca.org.

Marin Arts & Crafts Show

Inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement of the late 19th century, Marin Arts & Crafts Show brings focus to handcraft in all forms. Browsing the many artisan exhibits, you’ll find products made with meticulous detail, natural materials, and brilliant colors. Everyday items that are both beautiful and useful, presented by the artists and artisans themselves. Nov. 3 to 5. Visit marinartsandcraftshow.com to learn more.

Ross Valley Players

The show must go on, especially when it comes to the Ross Valley Players’ fall production lineup. Starting Sept. 15 and running through Oct. 14, the Ross Valley Players will put on Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie, directed by David Abrams. For more information or to look into tickets, visit rossvalleyplayers.com.

Autumn is a time for art, and not just in the most obvious of ways—with holidays such as Dia de los Muertos, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more just around the corner, now is a great time to think of art in all of its forms: cultural art, the art that goes into making a costume for oneself or one’s child, the artistry of gardening or cooking a holiday meal or making a holiday gift.

In the end, the best autumnal art isn’t just in galleries or onstage, but in the artistry of everyday activities as well.


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