.Thrift Look: Reasons to Style Second-hand in 2022

Good morning, my aesthetic-lovelies! How was everyone’s weekend? Thoughts on the Will Smith Oscar interaction? Never a quiet moment anymore, is there? 

I’m back from my stint on the East Coast, and though I miss Brooklyn already, I’m thrilled to report that I have moved into a new apartment in Oakland! The fashion outlets are endless here, and I cannot wait to hunt for new fits. Just walking down the street is enough to start the creative gears turning. 

To that end, this week’s Look is exceptionally city-inspired, as I spent a good portion of my trip in the city shopping. But, don’t fear, I neither broke the bank nor compromised my style—I thrifted. 

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

We went to Beacon, Buffalo Exchange, L Train — I found Filas, Dickies and Everlane for reasonable prices and I’m thrilled to say I left with two entirely new outfits for under $40. Good with me. 

The thing about thrifting I so love, aside from the clear financial benefit, is the guilt-free feeling when purchasing clothing for the sake of fashion. As an aesthetically-oriented person who feels clothing is an artform, and the ultimate mode of personal expression, it’s challenging to buy from big stores, knowing how much waste comes from fast fashion trends. Thrifting is a way to both dress playfully and feel ethically in tune. Thanks for getting me back on track New York.

Now that I’m back in the Bay, I want to keep the thrift energy alive! Here’s a comprehensive list for my Marin and Sonoma County readers. Get into it!

Sonoma County

Salvation Army

Brookwood, Santa Rosa 

So many finds! Dresses and bags are especially good here. 


4th St, Santa Rosa

Once bought a denim vest here for $4; wore it for almost a decade.

Welfare League Thrift Shop

Railroad Square, Santa Rosa 

Amazing vintage selection and the sweetest staff.


Highway 12, Sebastopol

Great finds and right next to The Barlow! Thrift + dinner. 

Marin County 

Bloom Marin 

4th St, San Rafael

Amazingly curated and body positive. Bloom is blooming! 

Salvation Army

4th St, San Rafael 

Amazing selection of brand name pieces in great condition. 

Alphabet Soup Thrift Stores

Western Ave., Petaluma

Great jewelry and accessory selection. A must visit! 

Thrift for the planet and the budget. As Macklemore once said, “This is f**cking awesome.”

Looking phenomenal, everyone. 



Jane Vick is an artist and writer currently based in Oakland, California. She splits her time between Europe, New York and New Mexico. View her work and contact her at janevick.com.


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