Hero & Zero: Wonder Dog & Save Our Ocean

hero and zero

Hero: It’s just like a man to climb a ladder with no one around to help steady it. Unfortunately, that’s what Michael from Mill Valley did and he has the battle wounds to prove it. He fell off the ladder while changing a light bulb in his garage, fracturing three vertebrae in the process. As he lay moaning on the driveway, no one heard his cries, except for one very smart poodle that lives across the street. Pete, a 7-year-old pup rescued from a local shelter, began barking incessantly. His mother opened her front door, but saw nothing. Still Pete continued to bark madly, which motivated her to go outside. It was then that she found Michael and Pete ceased his clamor. Good boy, Pete, good boy.

Zero: Enough already with this Trump. In addition to the Utah national monuments that he’s opened up for mining and drilling, he’s now placing three pristine marine national monuments on his hit list: The Pacific Remote Islands, Rose Atoll and the Northeast Canyons and Seamount. Established under the last two presidents, these monuments protect some of the healthiest coral reefs and marine wildlife in the world, including endangered sea turtles, whales and sharks. “I personally have dived some of these islands and seen and documented their indescribable biodiversity and richness,” said David McGuire, a marine biologist and founder of the nonprofit Shark Stewards. “This unprecedented act is an outright theft of our shared national treasures.” Call Trump at 202/456-1111 to tell him to keep his little hands off.

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