.Open Mic: The $10.00 Poem

By Sandra Rae Davies

My poems are great

Don’t wait

Until I’m famous

Artists foresee

A star poet

So asking $10.00 for my poem

People say I’m crazed

Quite the contrary


I’m a star poet

I know it

My poems will jiggle your tummy

Some make eyes wet

Some make me drool

Some make me

So give me $40.00 for my poem

Started with love poems

Complications of the heart

Poems got me through

Without you

Writing more poems

About idiots

About underwear

About seals

About fear

So give me $70.00 for my poem

I’m told I have talent

Already a popular poet

Dam it

I know it 

A poem a day

Keeps you aware


You might need them

Give me $100.00 for my poem

Sandra Rae Davies lives in Mill Valley. To have your topical essay considered for publication, write to us at [email protected]
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