Letter: ‘Glad that Simon’s not my neighbor …”

A toot of the horn

Nadia Silvershine’s letter of support for Dr. James Simon assumes facts not in evidence. While I don’t agree with the reprehensible and aggressive behavior by both parties in this road rage incident, Simon was not an innocent victim forced to defend himself. As Osenton waited at a green light, Simon chose to impatiently drive around Osenton’s car. Why not a quick toot of the horn to encourage Osenton to pay attention? Would it have been the end of the world if Simon had to wait through another cycle at the stoplight? After Osenton showed his hostility by following closely behind Simon, a dangerous game began, with both men participating. Simon kept braking, which antagonized an already enraged driver. That’s an aggressive, not a defensive, move.

Silvershine writes that Osenton was going to beat Simon or even murder him. What? There is absolutely no evidence suggesting that Osenton was going to physically assault Simon. Simon, on the other hand, had ample time to go into his home, call 911 and prepare to shoot his gun if Osenton broke into the home. Instead, Simon left the safety of his garage and home and went outside to confront Osenton and shot him twice. I agree that Osenton’s reaction to being cut off was over-the-top, as was Simon’s reaction to being tailgated. They both fueled the fire, but ultimately, it was Simon who took the most aggressive and violent stance. He deserves to be held accountable. None of this even takes into account that he has 50 guns at home. I’m certainly glad that Simon’s not my neighbor.

Nikki Silverstein

Pacific Sun
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