Letter: ‘Rich irony about Marin’s so called “affordable” housing activists …”

A Gadfly and a Zero

I know your boy Peter Seidman won’t write or talk about this because it doesn’t fit his relentless pro-development agenda. However, the other pro-development daily paper of record, the Marin IJ, did take the time to have a front page story about the situation in Tam Valley regarding the new Good Earth store project on Saturday, March 27—“Last-minute challenge could delay Good Earth opening in Tam Valley.”

The story is about the nasty, vindictive political stunt pulled by gadfly “affordable” housing advocate David Coury, blocking Good Earth market from starting the remodel project of an empty store, on completely spurious grounds. Mind you this last-minute permit appeal stunt of his is holding up a local business held in high regard, and holding hostage a community of 7,000 people who are in desperate need of, and eagerly awaiting the opening of a new Good Earth market. The old store, Delano’s, has been closed for four years, and is a building that has been a supermarket for over 60 years.

Personally I find there is rich irony about Marin’s so called “affordable” housing activists who were not shy at all during the recent ABAG and other high-density condo development meetings throwing around the “racist nimby” smear and calling citizens who spoke up at meetings “uncivil.” Now the “affordable” housing community will have to answer for the embarrassing loose cannon David Coury doing this mean-spirited political revenge on Tam Valley and Good Earth. You can also put him in your local Zero column this week please.

Mike Kavanagh, Tam Valley

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