.Hero & Zero: A star employee & a laser loser

By Nikki Silverstein

Hero: Casey, the Rosenberg family’s cherished dog, ran away only once in 15 years. The smart pup crossed four lanes of traffic on Freitas Parkway to visit Pet Food Express, his favorite store. The Rosenberg’s brought Casey there frequently and he loved the friendly staff, tasty treats and squeaky toys. Recently, Casey’s appetite waned and his family brought him to Pet Food Express to see if any food would pique his interest. Michael, a weekend employee, went out of his way to help the dog find the right meal. Though Casey passed away last week, the Rosenberg family credits Michael with extending their pup’s life, and they are grateful to him for his energy, resourcefulness and compassion during their extremely difficult time. Thanks, Michael, from pet lovers across Marin.

Zero: In what the California Highway Patrol (CHP) described as a few tense moments, someone pointed a laser beam at a CHP helicopter while it flew over Marin last Tuesday evening, and the concentrated light hit the pilot’s eyes several times. Tiburon police joined the CHP in an intensive search to pinpoint the source of the beam and found the mastermind who perpetrated the federal crime: A 10-year-old boy. I can barely keep track of the 70-pound dog who shares my one-bedroom condo, so I understand the challenge of supervising your kid in your large, nicely appointed Tiburon home. But I don’t give my pooch access to equipment with the capability of causing flash blindness. Trade the laser for some Legos and let’s call it a day.

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