California Dreamin’

What a fantastic idea (“Tow Hold,” March 20)! Now I can finally realize my dream of living in the most affluent neighborhoods of California. I’ll just ditch my house, buy a beat up RV and park in Beverly Hills, Atherton, Kentfield and Pacific Heights. Wait, I have an even better idea! Why don’t we establish free parking zones around the residences of our elected officials including Mr Chiu. Why we could even park outside of Gov. Newsom’s new gated (or should I say walled) home in Fair Oaks. Let’s hope AB 516 sails through our thoughtful legislative process.

Mike S., Marin County

Di Fi

Responding to your article ”Di Hard” (March 5), our senator’s treatment of the young petitioners for the Green New Deal is certainly not what I would want from her.

This reminds me of a letter I sent to her four years ago citing my difficulty in reaching her by phone and the lack of response to my letters. I ended it with a request for a response to the situation. No response was ever received.

Meredith Grey, Mill Valley

All Aboard

We’d love our city council to allow for a widened street corner at our Depot Bookstore & Cafe and welcome our friendliest restauranteur, Paul Lazzareschi of Vasco, to run it. Then Mill Valley will have a winner: an improved historic train station where everyone meets.

Dart Cherk, Mill Valley

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Artist and educator Sirima Sataman works in traditional printmaking and sculpture from her home in Bolinas and her studio and shop Ink.Paper.Plate in Point Reyes Station. Her art often depicts vintage cultural artifacts and sprawling landscapes that question what we embrace and what we leave behind as we progress into a digital society. We love Sirima!

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  1. Thanks, Craig J. Corsini (June 26-July2) for the warning about Prop 13. I, like many seniors, need plenty of time to clear out of my home of fifty years if this latest assault on Prop 13 works. Not only will homeowners and renters will be the losers, but so will the many businesses that are already threatened by online marketing . The winners will be city governments seeking to pay off skyrocketing pension debts. Schools? Well, do you remember how we voted for the lottery because it promised to share the take with the schools? How is it, then, that schools still need money? What happened to that promised windfall? Let’s go after that!

    It may seem unfair for your neighbor to pay a lower property tax, but you will appreciate Prop 13’s protection, when ten, twenty years from now, you are not forced out of your home because of escalating property taxes keeping in line with escalating real estate prices. You will, like me, be darned glad there is a Prop 13 when you are living on retirement savings. So, let’s stop scapegoating Prop 13 and begin appreciating the brilliance of it.


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