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Outdoor Voices sets sights on the yoga-pants crowd in Larkspur

The slogan of Outdoor Voices, the “athleisure” brand big with the millennial crowd, is reminiscent of 1990s Nike. Instead of the immortal “Just Do It,” it’s “Doing Things.” That is, of course, also the designated hashtag customers can add to their outdoorsy Instagram snaps—or so the company hopes.

Just doing things, in nature and with actual friends, has been famously hard for the smartphone generation. Outdoor Voices, founded in 2013 by then-24-year-old Tyler Haney, wants to attract women into its stores, if not the outdoors, with its instantly recognizable color-blocked leggings and bright tops.

After opening its Hayes Valley outpost in San Francisco last year, Outdoor Voices clothes quickly became a staple in the ranks of North Face jackets and Rothy’s shoes. After opening this month, Outdoor Voices’ Marin County fans can enjoy a brick-and-mortar experience with the online-famous brand, thanks to its new Larkspur location at the Marin County Mart.

This is the second Bay Area location for the brand, which joins the other six other stores in Texas, New York, Colorado and California. Outdoor Voices’ brand’s unspoken strategy—starting the retail point as a pop-up and transitioning into a permanent store—is true in Marin’s case as well. As of now, the Larkspur location is a pop-up until declared otherwise.

“After opening our shop in Hayes Valley, I started exploring everything Northern California has to offer,” says Haney, who’s based in Austin. “I was drawn to Marin because of its beautiful landscape and being the playground for outdoor activities like hiking, cycling and trail running.”

The appearance of Outdoor Voices in Larkspur adds to its appeal as a fitness and wellness destination. The outdoor mall already has branches for SoulCycle, 24 Hours Fitness, International Orange and YogaWorks.

In order to differentiate stores from the online shadow of Amazon and its ilk, Outdoor Voices hosts classes in yoga, mindfulness and diet, and the Marin location is no different. While plans are still being finalized, look for events, classes and outdoor gatherings that promote love of the outdoors and, of course, Outdoor Voices’ latest styles.

Outdoor Voices, 1601 Larkspur Landing Circle, Larkspur. 415.306.7103. outdoorvoices.com.


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