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Kudos to San Pedro Elementary School in East San Rafael for turning a racist sign into a positive event. Last month, some nitwit covered up the school marquee with a handwritten sign: “Got English?”

Instead of simply lamenting the slur, the school held a community get-together on Saturday, where neighbors met students and their families.

In a January newsletter, San Rafael City Schools Superintendent Jim Hogeboom explained that most students are bused in from the Canal District of San Rafael. Of the 522 kids attending San Pedro Elementary, 98 percent are Latino and 85 percent are English learners.

These statistics become more meaningful when considering the neighborhoods around San Pedro Elementary are mostly white. Segregation and equity are major concerns. The school district is addressing the issues with a task force examining school boundaries and busing.

Hogeboom encouraged everyone to embrace differences and celebrate all cultures. The newsletter closed with an image of an “Habla Espanol?” sign.


What is up with people stealing large amounts of merchandise from Marin retailers? Last week we told you about a pair of thieves at Sports Basement in Novato. This week, we’ve got a woman in possession of Victoria’s Secret clothing worth over $5,700.

A Victoria’s Secret employee at the Northgate Mall notified police that a woman just left the store with a large amount of stolen clothing. She was making her getaway in a BMW X3.

Nice ride.

Officer Thomas Collins of the San Rafael PD located the car and conducted a traffic stop. The driver gave a false name and denied being at the store; however, the Victoria’s Secret bag and merchandise in the vehicle told a different story: lingerie larceny.

Police booked sSuspect Harmonie Taylor, 26, of San Jose, was booked into the Marin County Jail for burglary, false personation of another, possessing stolen property and three outstanding arrest warrants.

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