.Trivia 12/5

1. What city in Monterey County claims to be the “Garlic Capital of the World”?

2. Are penguins warm or cold-blooded animals?

3. The answer to this question is: passport, driver’s license, both or neither. And the question is: Does Queen Elizabeth have a passport, driver’s license, both or neither?

4. The atomic number of a chemical element is based on the number of what in its nucleus?

5a. What two letters begin the names of almost one-third of the 50 U.S. states?

5b. What three letters begin the names of almost one-fourth of the 50 states?

6. Who was the first attorney to become president of the United States?

12 - 5 Trivia Options7. Recent winners of this year’s (2014) American Music Awards. (None of whom were American!)

7a. This English-Irish pop boy band won artist of the year.

7b. The rap/hip-hop favorite artist was what blonde female recording artist and model from Australia?

7c. This ballad-crooning London singer-songwriter won favorite pop/rock male artist.

8a. Departed Giants third baseman, Pablo Sandoval, was known by what animal-like nickname?

8b. He was born in 1986 in what country?

9. Hey, math students, this one’s for you: If a piece of rope is being continuously cut in such a way that one-third of the rope is cut off each time, what percentage of the original rope will remain after five cuts?

10. Who wrote these classics of literature?

10a. Great Expectations

10b. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

10c. Brave New World

10d. The Call of the Wild

BONUS QUESTION: It was two years ago that the sarcastic humor online publication the Onion named what 29-year-old world leader as Sexiest Man Alive for 2012?

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›› trivia café answers

1. Gilroy
2. Warm
3. Neither; since the passports are given out by herself, she doesn’t need one … and she doesn’t require a driver’s license either (she doesn’t drive).
4. Protons
5a. M or N (eight states each)
5b. A, I or W (four states each)
(Thanks to Joe Herzberg of Corte Madera for the question.)
6. John Adams, Harvard Law School
7a. One Direction
7b. Iggy Azalea
7c. Sam Smith
8a. Kung Fu Panda
8b. Venezuela
9. (2/3) to the power 5 = 13 percent
10a. Charles Dickens
10b. Arthur Conan Doyle
10c. Aldous Huxley
10d. Jack London

BONUS ANSWER: Kim Jong-un, North Korea (Don’t forget: the  Onion is a humor website!)



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  1. I would like to submit two candidates for your trivia Cafe.

    Regarding the “Rights” of Americans to Vote:

    1. Does the US Constitution guarantee a citizen’s right to vote?

    No, the founding fathers handed control over to local and state governments allowing them to create thousands of different electoral systems w/o uniform stds. or regulations and little oversight.

    2. In 1870, were southerners solely responsible for weakening the 15th amendment baring voting discrimination based on race or ethnicity.

    No, there was just as much backlash in the north and west. Northerners wanted to bar the Irish from voting and westerners wanted to ban the Chinese from the polls.

    There is strength in weakness.


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