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Our racist president has falsely boasted more than 80 times that he passed the Veteran’s Choice healthcare legislation. The truth of the matter is that Obama actually passed the law way back in 2014. It seems that if you tell a lie repeatedly your base will eventually believe it.

So, it is with much regret that I must once again correct the record regarding one of your recent letters-to-the-editor concerning the closing of the Drake’s Bay Oyster Company, appropriately titled “Clueless” (8/14/19). The fact is that the oyster company was closed by the federal government, on direction from Obama’s Secretary of State, Ken Salazar. The former oyster farm was located in a national park. Neither the State of California nor the County of Marin has any authority to close an oyster farm in a national park, on federal land. This is the second time this writer has made his false claim about the closure of the oyster farm. He is entitled to his opinion, but like Trump, is not entitled to repeated falsehoods. Enough already.

The writer goes on to repeat lies about the former San Geronimo golf course, which will soon be a new county park. The truth is that the golf course would still be open for business if Niz Brown and her son, San Anselmo Mayor Matt Brown, had not brought a frivolous lawsuit that forced the county to stop the purchase of the property, resulting in the loss of a $3.5 million dollar grant. It seems like these people feel that if they can’t have “their” golf course, then nobody can have it.

If the county had not attempted to purchase the golf course it would have been sold to a private party, which would have ended golf and closed the property to the public right then and there. These certain golfers would then be demanding to know why the county didn’t purchase the course for them. But, when the county purchases the course and works hard to maintain golf operations right up to March 2022, perhaps longer, these same people bring lawsuits to stop the sale of the course, resulting in its closure. There is no way to placate this bunch. I just wish they would stop lying to the public.

Eric Morey


Off the Rails

Considering the total mess that has resulted from the construction of the SMART train rails in downtown San Rafael, I hope this will be the proverbial last straw with local commuters. This nearly useless system is too expensive to ride and has already wasted millions that could have been spent widening 101. What use is a train which does not go to SF or the East Bay? The bifurcation of the San Rafael bus transit center has resulted in confusion and missed connections, and construction sometimes has pedestrians literally walking into the road to avoid it.

I’d like to encourage everyone to boycott the rail. Let’s make this fail just as bad as it possibly can.

Tony Bueno

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Go Fish

Those of us who love the game of cribbage believe it to be the finest of all card games, so it’s disappointing to read in one of your letters that the writer believes that criminals like Bernie Madoff might spend jail time with a potential cellmate, Donald Trump, playing cribbage!

Gil Deane


Be Happy

In the ‘50s there was a wonderful song on the radio (you all remember radio, right?) called “If You Want to be Happy,” which addressed this very topic (“Advice Goddess,” Aug. 14, 2019), though in rather crude language. Ugly isn’t the best word anymore.

Lou Judson

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