.Letters to the Editor: Prize Worthy Reporting and a Numbers Game

Prize Worthy

Please extend my congratulations to Eva Chrysanthe for her superb article, “Pushed Around” in the June 9–15 2021 issue of the Pacific Sun. It is well-researched, well-documented and well-written, and deals with a topic—homelessness—that has relevance on the local, state and national levels.

I think it is worthy of consideration for a Pulitzer Prize. Please submit it to the Pulitzer Prize committee for consideration. Again, my congratulations to Eva Chrysanthe for a beautifully written article on a difficult and complex subject.

Sara Godwin, Fairfax

Bad Blood

The article titled “Bad Blood” in the June 9–15, 2021 Bohemian is not referenced on the cover.  

The beauty of “Bad Blood” is its close focus on crimes, lawyers and the example it sets for the country in its detailed, concise and colorful presentation. Easy to miss. This is an issue whose front page features “Vinyl Destination,” “Culture Crush,” “Left Edge Returns” and “Trivia Cafe.”

“Bad Blood” is an exceptionally good article, and hard to find in the Bohemian’s feel-good layout.

Hugh Brady, Sonoma County

Numbers Game 

I’ve never before responded to an article, but I feel “compelled” to share my observation on 50 Up Magazine. Every decade seems to make most people feel “old.” After all, it’s the oldest they’ve ever been. My mother said the same thing in her 80s that I’m going to share here, at 68. Inside, we are still that young, somewhat-awkward person. When I say, “when will I grow up?” I realize this IS me grown up. Still enjoying cannabis 50+ years later, still loving the Beatles and reggae music and live concerts. Enjoying dancing. Wearing tie-dye. At almost sixty-freakin’-nine! I used to think it was just men who didn’t grow up. But I was wrong.

Phyllis Silverberg, Woodacre

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